Tower light

Tower light This lamp is made of an archetypical ceramic form in combination with a steel base. material: steel – ceramic dimensions: dia 66 cm H 120 cm – dia 75 cm H 150 cm year: 2020            

Ceramic stool

Ceramic stool This ceramic stool incorporates the tension between the past, the present and the future. The stool represents an archetypical form of the past. Furthermore, the stool has a certain weight. Thereby he can literally stay in the present. On the other hand, it can remind us of a mooring bollard for ships. Ships … Read More

No wood-bowl

No-wood bowl This ceramic bowl combines a smooth rounded form on the inside with irregular edges with woodprint on the outside. material: black clay dimensions: dia 38 cm H 6 cm year: 2020        


Ooooh This object evokes surprise for nature. It is a hollow object that can be filled with water. Because off the low firing temperature the clay stays porous and therefore the water can migrate against the clay. The water gives life to the plants. material: clay